Spending Money

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Thursday, Mar 1, 2018


It changes the role of the CASA. Your role is to be an advocate, first and foremost.

By bringing monetary value to the equation, the child may start to see
the CASA as a provider of goods or just a fun friend. The primary goal is to
have the child see the CASA as a source of support, a person they can open
up to, and a means of having their voice heard in court. While outings and
fun activities can often help to build that bond and develop rapport, it can
also hinder the advocate-child relationship if the outings become more about
the activity than the relationship. I have also seen CASAs become resentful
of a child that expects money to spent every time they see the CASA. A good
rule of thumb is to do free and simple outings the majority of the time so
that the outings that cost money are special. Let the child know in advance
what to expect from your relationship and set your boundaries from the very
first visit. The relationship will grow based on a healthy cultivation of trust,
understanding, and respect.