The goal of CASA is to protect and ensure a child's right to a safe, permanent home.

These children have come into the child welfare system because they were found to be victims of abuse, neglect, and/or abandonment. Their caretakers have been unable to keep them safe, so the Division of Child and Family Services is involved and they have entered the legal system. 

A CASA volunteer is a sworn officer of the court whose job is to provide the child's attorney and the juvenile court judge an independent assessment of the circumstances of the child.  The CASA's report is drawn from their visits with the child and with the key parties in the child's life.  A CASA can also speak with the child's teacher to follow up with their educational needs.  If possible, the advocate attends all court hearings pertaining to the child with the Guardian ad Litem.  The hearing dates are usually set in advance and approximately three months apart.


A CASA volunteer has many roles:

  • to support the child throughout the court proceedings
  • to establish a relationship with the child to better understand his or her particular needs and desires
  • to communicate the child's needs and explore potential resources 
  • to provide continuous attention to the child's situation to ensure that the court's plans for the child are being implemented

In addition to these responsibilities, the CASA speaks with his/her child bi-weekly, either in person or by telephone. This one-on-one contact promotes a trusting relationship for the child, who often has no other consistent relationship during the period of involvement with the courts.


You may Download the necessary forms for the Volunteer Application below:




Guidelines Require That All Advocates:

  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Be fingerprinted and submit to a background check
  • Have a valid Drivers License and provide a copy annually
  • Have current auto insurance and provide a copy of proof annually 
  • Fill out and submit the volunteer application along with all required references
  • Must complete all training requirements


Excited to become a volunteer?

Please bring these items to your interview:

  • Copy of your driver license
  • Copy of your automobile proof-of-insurance card
  • Application

 A CASA volunteer must show willingness to:

  • Commit to at least 12 months of service
  • Attend approximately 32 hours of mandatory pre-service training and bi-monthly in-service or continuing education meetings, as well as any other necessary meetings
  • Adhere to agency approved report writing criteria
  • Attend mandatory court tour during training 
  • Travel locally and use own transportation without compensation
  • Complete monthly mandatory reports on the status of case/hours volunteered, etc.
  • Be supervised by CASA staff
  • Agree to complete confidentiality