Pre-Service Training


Initial Volunteer Training

The Pre-service training is an extensive training program that educates new CASA volunteers about the child welfare system and the children involved. It includes a minimum of 15 hours of in-class instruction to ensure that our volunteers are able to provide quality advocacy to the children and youth we serve. There is also a portion that will be done outside of class.

Experts such as lawyers, social workers, therapists, and experienced CASA volunteers speak at our group training sessions. Topics include the effects of child abuse and trauma, domestic violence, cultural diversity, reporting requirements, importance of confidentiality, building rapport, and the child welfare timeline. Volunteers are provided with the tools they need to advocate for children and youth who have experienced abuse, neglect, or dependency.  Our volunteers report that training is both an eye-opening and a personal growth experience.   

    Group of people sitting in training session       


National CASA Training Curriculum: 

You will receive a training manual during your interview or at the first night of training.                                          

Education and Youth in Out-of-Home Care:

Ask your local coordinator to sign you up for this course.

This series of e-learning modules is designed to help you understand the educational issues and challenges faced by youth in out-of-home care.  When you are finished, you will have a better understanding of the actions a CASA volunteer can take in order to advocate for educational support and services on behalf of a youth in out-of-home care.  2 ½ -3 ½ hours

Utah Child Welfare Timeline 

Reading Group Guide for Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter 

Cultural Diversity 

Inclusiveness and Diversity Training Resources:

Additional National CASA Resources: